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  1. Hey, I'm new here and trying to find my way around. I have no experience with this type of site, and from what I've read - seems like I'll probably step on some toes with my mistakes.
    I am also a Iggy collector - anything UofA, where he went. My collection is not near your level, but I'm collecting 20-30 guys.
    I saw you also collect the 'other' AI (Allan Iverson). My local card shop just took in his Skybox autographix ($300) last week. I think he's going to put it on ebay.
    I don't have pics of my Iggy collection but I do have an excell ss on him.
    I sent a card I made of him for an auto that I got signed thru the mail his last year at AZ. I've been doing that for several years. I have most of the guys since Bibby.
    Nice collection you have.... If you want to contact me (hope it's ok to give out my email); I'm more comfortable with email -
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