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  1. yeah no prob man even if u dont have anything dont worry about it , its not like we wont run into each other. take care and see you in a few weeks
  2. whats up kevin. i didn't see this message till sunday night. i was at the show from about 10:15 till about 12:15 so i probably missed you. we can hook up at the next show. its not until may 31 though. i haven't picked up anything for you at all. i haven't been trading. i am bein lazy on the trade sites. lol. sorry. well i'll see you at the next show. thanks again for thinking of me. chris
  3. I got an Ainge auto for you-will have it at the show on Sunday.

  4. got you a sweet vols auto im hoping u dont have it-ill bring it to the next show
  5. Hey man

    Just wanted to say thanks again for the free cards, I will be looking for some vols for you whenever I make trades on here!

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