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  1. i believe he's currently suspended upon completion of trades. please put that trade into dispute (if you haven't already). we will follow up with you and try and get you his address and such so you can pursue legal action.
  2. Hi you asked to let you know If Hockeyguy1983 will send me my card.
    So no, he didn't .

    That guy is a thief and I want him ban of you website asap.

    I saw on the web many many many peolpe who get screwed by that gay.
    I just lost 150$ BV.

    I'm really pissed off.

    So take his adress and put it on your board to be sure that nobody with that adress will re-sign.

    I need feedback please,


    Jerome Liandier
  3. yes, we have heard this but he has made a few trades so far here without incident. please let us know if/when the cards arrive.
  4. Hi I just did a trade with Hockeyguy1983 (Eric Massey) and I'm scared because I already sent my cards and I just read on Beckett forum that guy is a thief, a liar and he did screwed a lot of persons yet. he told me that he mailed my cards (last week) and I'm suppose to receive it 1-3 weeks. I'm really scared. Did you ever have any complaints about that guy? best regards, terry.
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