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  1. STill have not received anything..You said you sent something...when abouts did you send

  2. I have yet to receive anything from you....Did you send anything yet....lmk asap????
  3. Just wondering is I am to expect a package soon...plmk
  4. unfortunately most of my cards are at my parents house in another city. ill see what i have here, but i do have a lot of gu. i could send you a good deal of them if it would be okay with you.
  5. HI....From what I can remember you were to send me a large amount of M Lemieux/P Roy/ M Sundin/ J Jagr and J Thornton cards...if u remember it was suppose to be 100 lemieux cards and a mix of about a 100 of the other players...all I received was about 60 Lemieux and 2 Jagr cards...nothing of the rest

    My address is Guy Ripley, Columbus Manor, Apt # 318 , 8980 Edward St., Chilliwack, BC, V2P6K3
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