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  1. yeah i agree that is one of the better sets, that is the reason why i decided to pick up these as well:

    and the lou is in here, these are some of the better cards i have of him tht i picked up when he was a "who?" and now he is a "woah!" lol:
  2. Yea, I love the 2005-06 Exquisite RC Auto/Patches. If I had the funds, I would try to collect that entire set. Do you have a scan of that Lou Williams? I'd love to see it! $30 is a nice deal for just about rookie from that set! ;)
  3. i hope so and im sure phili does too lol, for a 45th pick ill take it haha, most ppl at that pick arent in the league anymore lol. i have the card like your miles of him but the patch isnt as nearly as nice. i bought it for 30 bucks though an have since been offered up to 120 for it!!!
  4. Oh, gotcha. That's one of the sickest chains I've seen!

    I think he could easily be an all-star one day. I actually considered collecting him awhile ago. ;)
  5. no that is actually his, it cost him 15 thousand dollars. heres him wearing it at a club not to long ago...

  6. Thanks! Do you actually own that Louis Williams chain?
  7. sweet background...
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