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  1. Just kidding Mike. I hope being busy is a good thing?
  2. hhehehehe Sorry Steve, only on limited for now so when I spend all in Racing. Didn't notice you back. Congrats on it.
  3. No hello to the newest staff member? Sheesh.....
  4. You don't write, you don't call.....I am starting to get a complex. :D
  5. A juicer is one that obtains crystals and will potions and uses this to train their stats in a hurry. By the way if you noticed I won't be on for awile. We had a club going that was helping me at school and Jack didn't like it. Suspended me for 100 days. Oh well. Now I can spend more time on here like needed. >>>LOL
  6. What the heck are juicers? I have been out of it for too long! lol
  7. Yep days of the cutters controlling are gone..............LOL Too many juicers are going now. Hell I rent out our fortress to these juicers..........LOL
  8. Fatal Combat has changed. I am at a pitiful 32 in stats. :-(
  9. You are lucky I quit fatal combat or I would be kicking your butt! :-)
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