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  1. Card scene is ok around here. They had a card show at the Berkshire Mall last weekend, wasn't that good. The next big show around here is the Big Show at the Greater Reading Expo Center Sept. 26-28. I will be going on the 28th because I am on vacation the 20-27.
  2. My friend still lives in the Wyo area. I usually come back once a year in the fall. How is the card scene back home? Here in Phoenix, its a goldmine (for me anyway) lots of estate sales which you can pick up card lots dirt cheap. I usually pick up a lot, grab what I need, then resell them. Im not in this for the money, but love to find old Phils, Eagles, etc. Occasionally I will find a good card or two, found a few Puckett rooks, Griffeys, and one Clemens rook.

    Good to know you and as myy collection grows, maybe we can help each other out. I finish sets, collect autos of Philly players, thats about it
  3. Hey what's going on? That's cool that you were from the Reading area, I live in Wyomissing now. As for TTM AU's, I don't have any, sorry. Ask around here, i'm sure someone or a few people might have some.
  4. hey man, Im new on this site but find new things all the time. I now live in Phoenix, az but originally from Reading area. Saw that you were from Fleetwood? Just wanted to say hey and going to join group. BY the way, I just started collecting again via TTM autos. Just wanted to see if you had any autos in person or via mail. If so, I have a few Phillies that I sent 2-3 cards to so I have doubles. More to come as my ttm-ing is only about a month old

    Hit me back
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