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  1. You sure you gave me the right # cuz there still is no record of that item?
  2. i'm off to bed as well,don't need the petersons then.
  3. ok,maybe twice sometimes : )
  4. nope,just once,lol
  5. you have scans of peterson and quinn in your bucket?If not,can i see them
  6. i just collect p.manning rcs but i'm pretty good on those,not really looking for anything in particular,why what do you have?
  7. alrighty,by the way,what other stuff did you like?You have anything else not in your bucket i might be interested in?
  8. so have you talked to your neighbor?
  9. yep,i have trees and stuff
  10. well you got it insured like you said you were anyways right?Heck,did you even send it?Cuz i have yours here ready to go with a dc #sitting on it as well,just waiting on you.Keep me updated i guess
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