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  1. Please leave feedback for our trade and complete it. I will do same as soon as you do. Thanks, Pete
  2. Did you send my cards yet? Send me my DC# so I know they went out since you now have my address and name which was on the trade sheet if you looked.
    Label/Receipt Number: 0308 0070 0001 1202 0703
    Status: Delivered

    Your item was delivered at 8:37 AM on July 21, 2008 in WELLSTON, MI 49689.
  3. did you send my cards yet??? If so please give me the DC#...Its been a while since I have heard anything
  4. Hello. Got the cards you sent in the mail today. Thanks! I will send out your cards on Thu 24th after I pick up some bubble mailers. Thank you,

  5. I was just wondering when you planned on sending out if you haven't already. Thanks,

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