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  1. I wouldn't say so temperature wise...that's the ONLY way lightning is hotter than Megan Fox!
  2. Lightning is hotter than the surface of the sun though! Temperature-wise, that is
  3. That's gooder too-er!
  4. Funner? Nice grammer...I'm going to report it to

    Thanks for the welcome back too! Now you can get back to harrassing me...oh wait, you already have lol
  5. Glad your back buddy. Now it is funner. haha
  6. Whats up Nathan? Its no fun not being able to harrass you anymore.
  7. You should check your sig too...I like it!
  8. Hey, be sure to read your sig.... :)
  9. Nah-uh, nooooo way!
  10. next time buddy! next time lol
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