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  1. Thanks bud!! :-D Just found out myself
  2. Congrats on the promotion!! I just saw your name in orange, lol.
  3. lol....just whoever I can get I fro you brother getting the better stuff - same here....requested fan packs and multiple times, he's gotten the much better stuff...and he's not much of a sports well
  4. Nice stuff, I usually go after females but whatever :) The thing that sucks is that my brother got the better signature and the better photo :(
  5. that's where I found stuff for Derek Parra and some other lesser-known athletes, a few back too....Jay Leno (not an athlete, but still!), and a couple others that I can't recall right of'll be sure to check out that forum at some point!
  6. I just email the athlete's agency; it's awesome knowing that some people are nice enough to mail stuff out to you for free.

    Check out the "Autos Through Email" forum, you'll learn a lot about the hobby.
  7. lol...well, it's still neat! I have a Derek Parra auto (speedskater) that is personalized, but that's do you get players like Wade to actually send something?
  8. Yes I did. Too bad my name was smudged lol.
  9. ooo...nice background! did you get that Wade auto TTM?
  10. I know what you mean, I had a satellite dish and a cable box a couple of years ago, but when Cablevision and stupid Jim Dolan raised the prices, I just dropped the service and used rabbit ears until they came out with these converter boxes, so I'm getting a clear picture.

    I hope that you can watch the game on Sunday night when KG goes off again, lol!
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