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  1. ash,

    still no ragan card. keep the allmendingers, i could use the dwards hot threads suit or either of the kahne corporate cuts instead. if the ragan comes in i will send it back.

    lmk what u wanna do.
  2. ash,
    no ragan in todays mail either. shoulda been here by now. we'll see what happens over the week before we panic.
  3. ok ash, i will see what happens in the next few days. haven't rcvd it yet. will let you know
  4. ash,

    was wondering if the ragan battle armor is in the mail. it has been a bit and haven't heard back from dad yet. i know the allmendingers arrived but i am still waiting on my end.

  5. ash,
    what is this page i am typing in. when you responded it didn't show up in my inbox, it showed up somewhere else and now i can't find your response. anyway i don't have that list you sent me last time, and what value are you figuring for it.
    lmk dave
  6. ash,
    i pulled a gold jj yeley 08 signings today 22/50
    might be available, not sure yet.
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