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  1. I'm goin September 7th and tellin them I want him! And then I'll go again the 8th early in the morning to remind them and then go back towards the end of the day to pick him up! haha I never heard anything from you..:)
  2. A BTW - forgot to mention this in PM. In our monthly mail - if my memory serves me right - Brian Vickers is getting thrown out at End of Day on September 8. Of course - Brian is chillin with Ricky right now in our spare room as my boss wanted rid of him lol. You did not hear that Sept 8 date from me though ;)
  3. Good news! Shayne and dad were at the dollar store the other day and they DO have one. They said I could probably have it when they're done with it. Woohoo! :)
  4. Whatever shipping costs are I dont'll pay them. :) We were over in Kentucky earlier and drove past the DG there and they had a sign in the window with BV and Leffler on it. We went by the one here afterwards and they also had one. That made me really excited. haha
  5. Somehow - someway - we will get you one. If your DG won't give it up - LMK. My boss is in good withh a few managers in the area - we can probably snag another one - it'll just be a beast to ship! Happy hunting - did a Yahoo search - y'all seem to have quite a few DG's locally (only one in Kenova) but several more within 10 miles it looks like!

    - Scott
  6. That is AWESOME!!!!!! I already have the Mountain Dew one. A gas station here had it for a long time but wouldnt give it to me. :( So I found one and bought it on ebay. lol I usually dont ever go to Dollar General (Dollar Tree is closer and has more stuff I use lol) so I'll have to just pop in there every so often now. :) Thanks!
  7. Hey Ashley,

    Thought this nugget might interest you. Be sure to check your local Dollar General store and get in good with the head manager. I am a shift manager of one here in Paulding, Ohio and we received a rather large, flat package in with our truck freight yesterday. What's inside? A life size standee of Brian Vickers! I'm not sure how long he is to be displayed (ours is not out yet) because he is part of some DG Racing promotion contest (looks like he's supposed to have a form pad affixed to him) - most stores will probably be pitching theirs I assume - so I'm sure if you ask nicely you should be able to pick up Brian ;) - I would mail you ours (my boss already said it's as good as mine) but the shipping would probably be outrageous. Just thought you'd like to know!

    - Scott
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