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  1. Lol, yeah, it will be SWEET!! I can't wait either man, I will look for a Verlander Jersey, I will be the kid in the Canucks hat who is afraid to spend money thinking he will blow it all! HAHA!
  2. Eh, i dont think I won this month, i dont know how many cc trades i had cause they wont count, but this was the first time i didnt 2 so far, 2,000 isnt for atleast 1 more Nationals is going to be awesome! i'll be the kid in a Verlander jersey who spent there money to quick! lol (so far in hand i'm up to $322!)
  3. Yeah, lol, yours is always loaded though. How many TOTM's is that now? Congratulations on the 1000 (Mr. 2000 Soon, LOL) I will have to meet you at the Nationals.
  4. I cant lie, your trade manager is bigger than anyones should be LOL!
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