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  1. any word on our trade?
  2. 378 melanie ave
    kingston, ON
  3. hey i dont have it in my trade could u post another one up because my pms got deleted and i forgot i put ur addy in there
    so pm me ur addy or put a new trade up

  4. Hey i did send it off to you I have no idea what happened i sent it to you

    dirtydistacne was the one that said that

    i will send you 100 cc tomorrow if u dont have it
  5. Are you asking me to complete "our" trade?
    I won't complete a trade when you haven't sent me my card.
    This trade will be placed in dispute tomorrow if you do not contact with an explaination.
  6. Did you find it?
  7. any word on my Raines GU?
  8. lmk when u get my end
  9. What are you going to Italy or, if you don't mind me asking?
  10. bud did u get the card
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