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  1. hey did you receive yet?
  2. hey do you still have that Albert Pujols Leaf R and S Rookie ??
  3. ok sorry about the multiple times and PLMK what the delivery confirmation # is when you ship the cards and PLMK when you will begin trading thanks
  4. did u get my last 2 Pm's?PLMK
  5. will you please omplete right now all you have to do is by your USER CP go up and to the right on the toolbar and you wil see TRADE MANAGER clickon it and my name should be by a trade click on the trade number on the left and when you get on the page yu will see TRADE ACTIONS on the upper right click on it and doconfirm trade and then ill send the paypal and you can ship tomorrow
  6. hey u get the trade completed? JW
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