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  1. why so much for those 3 cards?......... i was looking at around 15, expecially if theres a crease in one of the clementes

    sorry if im being difficult
  2. what does dlvd mean? sorry im new
  3. kk im definitely interested in the santo cards and the '72 clemente (wit ball) and the '73 clemented

    lmk how much u want
  4. yea sorry i sent the trade agreement, its the only way i could communicate wit people

    as for the cards...

    i saw that you had some vintage lots for sale (t206, goudeys, etc. 130's-1970's)

    i was wondering if u had any cubs players? chance? evers? tinkers? banks? santo?

    and what stars do u have, looking for mantle, berra, musial, clemente, mays, mccovey, hank aaron, etc.
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