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  1. Yes I have it, almost ripped it out of the PSA case the other day.
  2. I still cant check links it pissin me off. I traded that tigers fold out for that bird/magic dual auto plus a couple redwings auto's. I got a great deal on it. Then bought another tigers foldout on the bay for like 45 bucks
  3. You need to check my bucket I think there's a couple of new cards but not much.
  4. For some reason my PC keeps freezing every time i try to look at links. Probly the weather.
  5. Thats a nice wade billups dual auto jersey you have there. I thought it was for your girl. LOL
  6. Allen Thats ok I forgot yours. LOL
  7. Are you still on?
  8. dude whats up just keepin it real...found a few rip autos if you want 1 ive got a double
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