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  1. You want to play in a basic 12-person yahoo fantasty football league and all submit a few cards for the winners. This is what I was thinking. A very easy points-based league. Then, everyone in the league donate a few cards and we'll divy them up to the top three or five or whatever. We can talk more about it once we're all on board. Same with rules, scoring and all that. First, I wanted to find 11 others willing to donate a few cards and play a simple scoring game.

    Oh one other thing, name your team the player you collect. My team name is Bo Jackson.

    I created the league and it's ready to go: It's on yahoo

    League name: Card Trader Royalty
    Password: swap

    If the below link doesn't work, please pm me your e-mail address and I can send the invite from there. Any questions, just ask.

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