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  1. Mr Vip bigshot here...check your youtube messages
  2. hey there, have interest in getting in on a box of 08 sterling football ? i have 1 sealed box (6packs) i was gonna ask scatchot, mike, wju, ect... it's gonna be 30 each to cover everything. LMK if u are, ask mella too, maybe we can open tonite, i'll take 1 pack, so i need 5 more
  3. oh jeez... gotta have it
  4. bballjunkie24 pulled a bernie kosar patch auto out of cetified for rbicru7 tonite, thought you might be interested
  5. No haha I was there. I also got banned from his room for talking about him having sex with an intern in his truck in a strip club parking lot with Isaiah Thomas lol
  6. wu homie, you missed stephon marbury live today, check out my facebook of the pic, was very entertaining !
  7. Ypc 4 lyfe
  8. wo0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0oo0o0o
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