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  1. Recent group messages have been deleted.
  2. Good point. GTG
  3. Probaly... But the maker i have no clue
  4. If I had to take a guess, I would say the Carolina's.
  5. the decals no, just no im waiting for them lol
  6. Cool. Do you know where thet are from?
  7. One of the reasons is that DCZ is so similar. I was able to catch on the the format quick. Which takes a lot of stress off me. I am going to PM you now.
  8. I am getting better by the day! Keep your nose clean, and you will be a fast learner. I already helped you get started. So feel free to start posting. If you ever need help, or you like want to know someones name or something like that, PM me.
  9. I see! You will LOVE it here! Just be careful, some of us here arent masters with diecast. I am the best of both worlds! LOL
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