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  1. NP, if I get any Miller's FT or FS in the future, I'll let you know.
  2. No thanks man, thanks anyways
  3. And no, I don't have any Miller #'red/jersey/auto cards available, because they're all PC. I have mostly base and stuff like that. Still want me to send you a list? If not, that's okay, I just need to know about it.
  4. Okay, thanks, I'll accept the friend invite!
  5. Do you have any jersey, autos, #'ed? Friend request on its way.
  6. Hi again,

    Thanks for the message. Yep, I'm the Mask card collector, as my avatar-picture probably also shows you!

    Later I'll send you a list of which Miller cards I have FT and FS. It's mostly base and a few inserts but maybe you need some of it.

    If you want to be friends, just send me a friend invite! :-)

  7. Yeah for sure man, You are the guy who collects mask cards right? I watched your video on youtube on your homemade one those are pretty sweet! What Miller cards do you have?
  8. Hi, I'm Ethan.

    I'm new to SCF, too! I joined just over a week ago.
    I see you collect Miller? I have a few Miller cards. Maybe we'll make some trades in the future!

    Nice to meet you,
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