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  1. Your inbox is full so I couldn't reply to your message. To answer your question: Yes, that's my profile picture on FB.
  2. Hey Ethan.. anytime on the weekend is good :) I'll give you a link to a chatroom, just cuz I'm not really used to the new scf chat

  3. We haven't chatted in like 4 to 6 months! When's a good time for you?
  4. Is your live chat working? I just timed out...but I can't load back in..
  5. Okay, meet in the live chat here on SCF in a minute!
  6. Hey Ethan!

    Live chat now? :)
  7. Okay, why not?! LOL!
  8. Live chat now ;) lol
  9. I may not be around, but if I am then definitely ;) Talk to you later!
  10. Thanks for writing but I'm a few minutes from signing off. How about in 4 hours from now? (9:30 in the evening Danish time). Sounds OK?
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