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  1. just wanted to get an update on the McCoy Plates/Patches #/399 that I purchased from you on 27 September. see below:
    trade set: 27 September between "coureymarshall" and "NowitzkiFan41"
    "coureymarshall" paid $35 paypal on 27 September to "NowitzkiFan41"
    "coureymarshall" asked "NowitzkiFan41" four separate times in advance (prior to sending) for a delivery confirmation number and notification of when card is sent.
    6 OCT -- "NowitzkiFan41" writes "Hey, Just letting you know I'll be shipping tomorrow. Sorry for the delay, but its when i get paid."

    (no notification of shipping delay prior to this message)
    11 OCT -- "NowitzkiFan41" writes "Sent Saturday, no DC. Sorry about that, i completely forgot about it"
    (no delivery date entered in trade manager and no delivery confirmation used; "NowitzkiFan41" was asked for delivery confirmation on four different occasions prior to "NowitzkiFan41" sending shipment)
    21 OCT -- no card and no responses from "NowitzkiFan41"
  2. just wanted to get an update on the mccoy plate patches that I purchased from you on 27 september. I am yet to receive the card and still not received delivery confirmation number. thx and please update
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