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  1. Nah, haven't tried. I was waiting for you but I guess I can next week.
  2. nope, haven't been sending anything lately. You got him right?
  3. Hey, try Dantonio recently? Any luck?
  4. I haven't sent yet
  5. any luc with the dantonio addy?
  6. oh thats cool
  7. ok, i like the colts b/c:
    when i was young, i liked the show Bob The Builder
    I also liked Bobby Labonte (nascar driver) he was#18
    since the colts were blue and manning was #18, i liked the colts.

    i like msu b/c:
    when i was little my brother had bought these mini helmets(not mini helmets, like those real tiny ones)
    then i saw the MSU one w/ the S on the helmet.
    for some reason that got meto like them. i also liked them cuz they were green(like bobby labonte's car)

    this help?
  8. Well Izzo... But nope. I'll be going after Morall after I get the 8x10 back. Do you mind if I ask how you're a colts & MSU fan in NY?
  9. do u have any other MSU player autos like Morrall, Bubba or Van Pelt?
  10. na, in new york, upstate. lmk on the dantonio, if it works.
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