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  1. Nice. Well, congratulations! You've earned it.
  2. the bravery stems from the fact that I can finally see the finish line!
  3. wow! 12 summer credits. You are a brave individual.
  4. Im a Senior, majoring in Journalism. I have 12 credits this summer, and let me tellyou, im loving every minute of it....
  5. Nice! I just finished up my freshman year and am taking summer math 105. Way too much homework. What year are ya?
  6. HAHA, hell yeah dude. I go to UAA too.
  7. I'm in Anchorage over off the east side of town. One of these days, I'm gonna make a UAA banner.
  8. absolutely man, where you at up here?
  9. Mat Su Miners!? Crazy awesome. Nice to see another Alaskan on here.
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