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Sick & Tired of typing up cards

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OK, so I decide to go ahead and have a brilliant idea and sell all my cards to buy more books for my book collection or a motorcycle, I still can't make up my mind which it will be. I had to start all over on my inventory and it took me three days of messing with excell and word to get some of my previous inventory sorted out. I still have about 1500 cards to type up and it is getting very boring, plus the more I type and mess with the cards the more I end up buying off of SCF, ebay, shops ect. and in the end have to just add even more cards the what I am trying to sell. I try not to be greedy but would like to recoup some of my cost, hopefully I will get most of it done this weekend and then just suck it up and sell sell sell like really cheap. Well thats my all my venting I have so far so till next time..........