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The Fisk Factor

Sweet Pickups - Vintage Style - Possible Steals????

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I think I got me some great bargains here...would enjoy any and all feedback...

$18.25 dlvd

$7.48 dlvd

$3.50 dlvd

$20.52 dlvd - look closely at the card in the upper right corner of the lot. Appears to be a good speciman.

$29.18 dlvd (sorry bad pic) again look at the card in the upper right corner - this one looks nice too me thinks..

...and another autographed pic for my man cave this one under 40 bucks dlvd

I almost forgot this one......$46.50 dlvd

My first vintage example ever in 25+yrs collecting I have owned. I am very happy with the values I got on all of these deals. Your thoughts are appreciated!! Thanks for reading, Adam