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Hahaha ANOTHER Damaged card in the mail! YESSS

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Well, its laughable at this point. Today I received yet ANOTHER damaged card in the mail from a trade on here. I hate to just come on here and complain and I'm not even sure anyone see this but WOW! Im just amazed that people will send me cards like this. Another card from Triple Threads with a bent up window. The covering or top of these cards is like plastic. It bends easily around the intricate cutouts for the relics. Well ONCE ITS BENT - ITS WORTHLESS! I dont want your bent up ruined cards haha. Jesus people pull your heads out of your a$$e$! Does anyone else have this problem on here? I mean honestly its sad. Totally makes me want to stop trading on here all together because I just can't tell what I'll end up with. Sad