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Top Ten Position Players Who Played MLB In 2010

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By Brendan White aka SteakNchop
After a successful all-time best positions players ever, players that had to be retired, I think I better make a modern one. Baseball has changed quite a bit over the years, so for the all-time list I had to compare the players to other players of their era. With this however, they are all playing during the same period of time so this list should be entirely accurate.
Note: These are not predictions of future performance or how the player would do in 2011 if playing.
[B]Albert Pujols[/B]
[IMG][/IMG]Albert Pujols at the plate is a man among children, those being high calibre Major Leaguers. 6' 3", 250+ lbs. of everything CC Sabathia doesn't have Albert Pujols has the ability to hit the ball out every at bat. It almost seems like he does each and every time. Thirty-one years young and 408 homers. .331 lifetime batting average not to mention his .624 slugging. Every year, if you ask me who will win the MVP I simply answer: Pujols. He's won the award three times. in his ten year career and has made the all star team every year but 2002. (he finished second in MVP voting that year)
His fielding doesn't waver either- he won a Gold Glove in 2006 and 2010.

[B]Alex Rodriguez[/B]
Of anyone in baseball, Alex Rodriguez is the most disliked for unknown reasons, at least to me. For example, after the game in interviews,[IMG][/IMG] the press will ask Derek Jeter if the Yankees have a shot at winning the World Series this year. He'll reply, "Well I just go out there everyday and give 110%. We all focus on the game in front of us and nothing else." "Oh Derek Jeter is such an awesome person!" A little bit away, they will be asking if the Yankees have a shot at winning the World Series to Alex Rodriguez. He'll reply, "Well I just go out there everyday and give 110%. We all focus on the game in front of us and nothing else." "Alex Rodriguez is a phony!"
His baseball skills aren't to be forgotten either. Beginning his career as a Gold Glove shortstop, moving to third base to make room for Derek Jeter "He's so amazing!" he is now thirty-five years of age. He has 613 homeruns and whether or not he may break the all-time record is not decided yet. A lot of people don't think he will, but I'm pretty optimistic about it. His three MVPs are nice and his .303 is not about to be forgotten. In my mind, clearly the second best active player.

[B]Ken Griffey Jr. [/B]
[IMG][/IMG]Drafted by the Mariners as the first pick in the 1987 amateur draft, Ken Griffey Jr. has been beating his dad since. With 630 lifetime homers even through his injuries, Ken Griffey Jr. may have been the home run king without them. (the injuries, not the homers) However, he did have them and still had an amazing and full career. (22 seasons) He recently retired, midway through last season. (You can thank his manager for that)

[B]Derek Jeter[IMG][/IMG][/B]
Even after my comments on Jeter while talking about ARod, he still is an amazing player. The Yankees captain, their shortstop, a legendary Yankee up in the ranks of Mickey Mantle (overrated), Joe Dimaggio (overrated), Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth. Almost 3000 hits, a solid .314 lifeitme batting average and awards aplenty, Derek Jeter is the best shortstop of this era.

[B]Vladimir Guerrero[/B]
When you look at Vladdy's lifetime numbers you might be a bit surprised. .320 lifetime batting average, an MVP in 2004, and 436 home runs not to mention one of the best arms you'll ever find. Supposedly born on February 9th, 1975 in the Dominican Republic, Vladimir Guerrero's career is outstanding. If not for the last few years, his batting average is up in the ranks of Albert Pujols'. His eight Silver Sluggers and nine all star appearances only add to the aura.
[B]#6. [/B]
[B]Manny Ramirez[/B]
Playing most of his career for the woeful Red Sox (I have to take a punch at them when I can) Manny Ramirez (age 38- no way Jose) has[IMG][/IMG] had an amazing career. Lolly gagging out in leftfield, he has been an all star eleven times. Finished in the top ten in the MVP voting ten times and won a Silver Slugger nine times. Sure, he played in the bandbox of Fenway, hitting cheap little dingers over the "Green Dwarf." His .313 lifetime batting average and 555 home runs is nothing to be ashamed of. Nor is that year in 2002, when he had a .349 batting average and .450 on base percentage but finished ninth in MVP voting thanks to only 120 games played,

[B]Jim Thome[/B]
At the end of his career, Jim Thome has certainly had a good one. 589 homeruns and a .404 on base percentage, Thome is one of the best sluggers of this era. Not much of a glove man, he has played third base, first base and designated hitter during his career. Even at forty years old, Thome still can swing, as he hit twenty-five home runs last season. Just one heck-of-a hitter and a (chances are) 600 home run club member.

[B]Ichiro Suzuki[/B]
Starting his career in Japan, Ichiro came over when he was twenty-seven. If not for his late arrival, he would be way up there on this list. In all star in all of his ten seasons, he has gotten over two hundred hits in ten consecutive seasons. Quite, an accomplishment, he broke the record for the most seasons in a row with over 200 hits a long time ago. An amazing arm, Ichiro has won a Gold Glove every year he's played. He sits at 2,244 hits right now and is still awaiting his 100th home run, currently at 90. His lifetime batting average of .331 has allowed him his high hit count.

[B][IMG][/IMG]#9. [/B]
[B]Chipper Jones[/B]
Chipper Jones has had an amazing career. .306 lifetime batting average, .405 on base percentage and 436 home runs. He has dominated the National League as the best overall third baseman. He's had some great seasons, with a high batting average and forty-five home runs in 1999. 2008 is not to be forgotten either, where he was in contention for batting .400 for a while and ended the season at .364 and .470. He's been in the top ten in runs created almost every year and is a clear holder of #9 on the best position players who played in 2010.

[B]Ivan Rodriguez[/B]
For many years, Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez has been the best fielding catcher in the game. An amazing arm, he nails runners down like the best ever except for Johnny Bench. A fine hitter, Rodriguez has a .298 lifetime batting average and an MVP in 1999, with 309 career homeruns. He has been an all star fourteen times and won a Gold Glove thirteen times. His seven Sliver Slugger awards aren't too shabby either.
Well, that concludes our list of the top ten position players who played in 2010. Hope you enjoyed it and comments are appreciated.


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