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My Quest to be a Mike Piazza Collector

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I have never been much of an individual player collector before, but the new super collector status has sparked my curiousity. Why Mike Piazza, well I am a NY Mets fan to begin with. I have been a fan of Mike Piazza since he came into the majors (even though he started on the Dodgers). I know, with over 8,600 cards out there it seems almost impossible and expensive. Well, I'm not worried about time or money, it's a mission and I plan on coming close to finishing hopefully in a couple of years. I started a Mike Piazza collectors site on SCF and also post threads looking for Piazza cards. LMK what you think.

Looking for Auto's & G/u of NY Mets, NY Giants, HOFers, Old time players, 8x10 Photos & Celebrity Auto's

Mike Piazza Fans & Collectors Group

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  1. mikecancelliere's Avatar
    pretty nice so far!
  2. Hoffmoen's Avatar
    I keep trying!! Thanks for the comment.