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They Did It!!!! the Steelers Are In The Superbowl....AGAIN!!!!

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I am so excited right now. Going to a 2nd Superbowl in 4 years should muffle the whining down a bit over the last one (I still don't see how the Steelers cheated when the refs are the ones who made the questionable calls).

So here we go. The Steelers get to unleash their pass rush against one of the leagues top passing offenses. It should be fun. This is a perfect situation for the Steelers because they get to pin their ears back and go after Kurt Warner the entire game. I bet Warner is already losing sleep thinking about James Harrison and LaMarr Woodley coming from both sides the whole game.

The RB-by-committe thing has been OK for the Cardinals so far but they haven't faced the Steelers yet. Considering the teams leading rusher was Edge with 514 yards, the running game is hardly a threat. Not impressive at all. Edge is a bigger threat as a receiver than as a RB.

Expect the Steelers to blitz on everything but obvious run plays. With Warner under constant pressure and the Steelers secondary expecting the pass the entire game, the 1-2 punch of Fitz and Boldin will have a hard time making the big plays that they have been known for this season.

On the flip side, the Cards defense is mediocre at best. With the 22nd ranked pass defense and 16th ranked run defense, they will have their hands full with the blossoming Steelers offense. In addition, the Cards gave up more passing TD's this season than any other team in the NFL.

Needless to say, I am sure that BigBen, Santonio, Hines and Heath Miller are licking their chops thinking about this one.

My early prediction: Steelers 34 - Cardinals 23

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  1. ken griffey fan 2's Avatar
    Not to be rude but I hope they lose nly because of that fluke sperbowl where my seahawks got robbed and beaten up badley! LOL J/K good luck. I don't think arizona can play that defense unless there pass game goes nuts! an holmeds does'nt show up!
  2. ken griffey fan 2's Avatar
    Got a limas masteriece captered on canvas patch CC45 card. Want it?