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Current For Sale/For Trade List (With Prices)

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Below is everything I currently have FS/FT

To see what I have for sale on eBay, click here: My Current eBay Auctions

PayPal "payment owed" as payment. US shipping only.

1-3 cards add $2.00 for shipping.
4-10 cards add $2.50
11-15 cards add $3.50

All shipped out using PayPal shipping with DC/tracking in bubble mailers.

Scans of cards can be found in my FS/FT Bucket, click here: My FS/FT Bucket

Also will to trade for stuff in my Current Want-List, click here: My Current Want-List

I update this list and my eBay auctions on an on-going regular basis, so check back!

Updated 04-04-2012 at 03:42 AM by JBpatches