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Another Scammer

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Well it has happened again. Saw an ad on Kijiji for a Reimer card and a Scrivens card. The seller says "get them now before they come out in the price guide asking $130". So of course I look at the cards and check them out cause if the price is right I'd pick them up. Well much to my surprise the Beckett Online Price Guide, to which I subscribe, says these two cards book at a combined total of $30 !! So I email the guy selling them and tell him what the online guide says and he tells me to mind my own business and it is up to the buyer to beware. He then emails me a second time to tell me that "some stiff paid $85" for the two cards

And we wonder why this hobby has such a crappy reputation. Hopefully the buyer doesn't come in and see me because I'll tell him exactly what happened. If there is any justice he picked the cards up from your house and then we'll see what happens....