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Archie Bradley Bowman Chrome Quest

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As of last Wednesday, 2/22/12, I have acquired every 2011 Bowman Chrome refractor card of Archie Bradley...except for two. The only two that I am lacking now are the Orange /25 refractor and the Red /5 refractor. I am currently bidding on an Orange refractor on eBay which is ending tomorrow. Hopefully I can win this card so I will be one step closer to what I set out to do. The red refractor will now be the most difficult to acquire since there are only 5 in existence. I have yet to see one on eBay or any other site, but I will continue to search until I find one.


  1. MarcusMaximus06's Avatar
    Won the orange refractor auction last night on eBay. Now I only need the red refractor to complete the refractors. This is going to be hard....