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JBpatches' $25 Weekly Hobby Box Breaks on a Budget Coming Soon!

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The price of Hobby boxes have gotten to be very expensive. We have a lot of younger members and other members who don't want to break the bank, spending hundreds or thousands of dollars, in order to open Hobby boxes.

I came up with a fun and interesting concept: busting Hobby boxes on a budget. I will open one $25 (or under, shipping included) HOBBY box a week. I will post a recap of the break on my SCF blog, my Blogger blog also on my YouTube channel:

The boxes won't be National Treasures, Exquisite, Five Star or Triple Threads - obviously. But I will show that you can bust Hobby boxes, have a chance at "big" hits, have fun and enjoy this hobby all on a $25 or less weekly budget!

Most boxes will probably be baseball or football from the late 1990's through early/mid 2000's. However if I can't find any good deals on football or baseball boxes, I might consider hockey, basketball, other sports or even non-sports boxes.

I have a few criteria for the boxes:

- The total price of the box (including shipping) must be under $25.

- It must be a factory sealed Hobby box (no retail).

- The product has to have "big" hits (at least $50-100). I won't expect much out of a $25 box, but I at least want a chance at something nice. If a product only has base and worthless inserts, I won't bust it. The odds of getting something "big" in these budget boxes might be very high, but there's always a chance. Because I'm busting older products, "big" hits aren't just autographs and game-used cards - inserts and numbered parallels can also be very valuable.

I will post why I picked the box I opened, what I was hoping to pull from the box and what I actually did pull from the box.

In each weekly blog here, I will also post the total purchase price of the box, recap the break, give my thoughts of the product and recommend the box for a budget break for others or not.

It should be a fun concept, we'll see how it turns out.

Stay tuned.


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