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The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows

Mail from the past week or so

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Received lots and lots of cards this week (still no UD replacement!) so I'll only show the ones I really like. Mostly traders, some Gagner PC and some other PC...

Ooh and SP Game Used is coming out next week. Soo tempted to try a box... we'll see... last year I was better off buying separate packs than buying a box. Not a lot for me to chase in this years product.. I figure some cards will be too much for me to go after (7 player jersey cards + patch parallel..).

On to the cards...

A bit damaged so I'm calling UD to see if they can replace it...

I have a nice little M.A.F auto collection starting.. maybe I should keep going

A REALLY SWEET dual auto...

And.. onto the Gags

My favourite of this post:

And I got some real nice cards incoming...

Thanks for looking

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  1. quiet-things's Avatar
    Hey weird, I just noticed all the cards other than Gags are all goalies!
  2. Pheebs888's Avatar
    I'll tell you what's weird....calling a Brodeur auto nice! mittens are nice! (Friends quote oh so appropriate)
  3. quiet-things's Avatar
    LOL where have I heard that before...