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Watch buying your soft plastics

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whether its soft plastics from from BCW or ULTRA-PRO many dealers and flea marketers like to try and charge you well over 1.50 for 100ct package , but from the companies themselves they actually are sold for .50 cents ...i have found at a select few places purchase prices for .60 cents up to .99 cents be patient and happy collectible hunting


  1. InDaSlot81's Avatar
    have a link to where u can buy that cheap?? can use some top loaders..thanks

    PM me
  2. Deckard7's Avatar
    I highly recommend Jersey Coast Collectibles for buying card supplies. The prices are great, and the owner is a member here at SCF. If you tell him your SCF name, he'll give you free shipping on all your orders. His username is: JerseyCoast
  3. jpleazme's Avatar
    Penny sleeves & toploaders come a dime a dozen... If I was a dealer or shop owner, I'd cut collectors a break if they were valued customers, meaning they came in every week or say 2x a month... those that sell these type of supplies do not make a lot of money off them.. they make more off packs or boxes.. even though hard in today's cardboard industry.. since you can get tons of wax products online for a fraction what you would pay at the LCS...

    regarding the magnetic onetouch card holders & plastic box cases, it is a little hard to make money off them.. not many collectors buy 25+ onetouch holders at a time.. especially at $1.00-1.75 each.. sometimes more.. I have skipped buying a box or two to buy supplies.. i.e. hard cases, plastic boxes & cardboard shoe boxes.. I do not like the small cardboard boxes.. I prefer the plastic boxes instead, then put them inside shoe boxes & mark what is inside them.. makes my collection look a lot nicer.. the shoe boxes then go into huge rubbermade plastic boxes I've bought from walmart or target.. prefer the ones with handles, that can snap shut.. some of the lids bend easily, if a heavy box is on top.. I only stack them 2 high.. I have about 3 filled & have enough cards to fill two more.. I've been collecting since the early 90s, but have huge gaps in my collecting years...

    the penny sleeves should cost no more than $1.00 for a 100ct bag... for toploders, I've paid $1.50-2.50 for 25ct (contains 25 free pennysleeves).. those are my favorites... I hate the Ultra Pro Saver II cases.. can't remember exact name.. they are flimsy cases.. toploaders replaced them long time ago. I've had a few seller ship cards in them recently.. two were damaged, shipped by same seller. luckily, cards only cost $3.50 with shipping in PWE.. I hate PWE.. why not use a bubblemailer & toploader... ?? shipping is less than $2.00.. any collector should be happy to pay this shipping cost.. even for low dollar cards.. if you only need a few cards under a $1.00 or even 90's base cards.. ask the seller if he has any other cards he can throw in to up the price a few dollars.. no reason to buy $2-5 worth of cards.. why not make it a $10 purchase.. get a few MJ's or a Shawn Kemp card for your collection.. I only collect basketball, so I used that example..

    Cheapest way to buy supplies is save up & add them to your purchase of a couple boxes.. that way you do not pay a lot extra for shipping charges.. I try to save up $500 before I buy a couple boxes.. then always add a hundred toploaders or a few magnetic onetouch holders. along with my purchase.. make it worth wild...

    What i would like to see if pictures of how collectors store their collection... where in the house is it stored.. closet, under the bed, sock drawer, ect... I been thinking about this for the last few days....
  4. Clks21's Avatar
    Thanks for the info i will look him up its always good to save money ....

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