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College Team Trading Group COLLECTOR PROFILE - 99presspass (Georgia Bulldogs)

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Real first name / SCF name: Tripp/ 99presspass
Current Location: Orlando, FL

College Team: Georgia Bulldogs

Please list your favorite players from that team (up to 10):
-Hines Ward
-Verron Haynes
-Kris Durham
-Randy McMichael
-Tim Jennings
-Will Witherspoon
-Charles Grant
-Robert Edwards
-Kendrell Bell
-Champ Bailey

Do you prefer cards of players in their college uniform, pro uniform, or both? I prefer college but I would love to get NFL cards as well.

Are there any players or sets that you simply would not want? I collect all UGA players and all sets. I prefer to stay away from Knowshon Moreno and Mohammad Massaquoi, but I still do collect them.

How do you acquire your cards you trade to others? In the past it has been mostly my own collection but I recently moved to Florida and left my collection at my parents house. So from here on out it will be COMC.

My package to you will most likely contain…: I try to include mostly numbered cards as these are the cards I find most interesting. I will also include 5 autos/game used. I will do at least 5 numbered, 5 auto/GU, and then 5 base.

Best item in your college collection: Hines Ward Old School Colors Jersey #ed /25


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    Love it!