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College Team Trading Group COLLECTOR PROFILE - Welker83 (Penn State Nittany Lions)

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Real first name / SCF name: Justin. / Welker83
Current Location: Attleboro, Ma
Profession: Fedex Office LPC

College Team: Penn State Nittany Lions

Please list your favorite players from that team (up to 10):
-Cameron Wake
-Jared Odrick
-Darryl Clark
-Derek Moye
-Michael Robinson
-Lavar Arringtn
-Larry Johnson
-OJ McDuffie
-Evan Royster
-Derrick Williams

Do you prefer cards of players in their college uniform, pro uniform, or both? I prefer them in college uni unless they are autographs or nice patches.

Are there any players or sets that you simply would not want? No issues. I like them more press pass is one of my favorite products to bust every year.

How do you acquire your cards you trade to others? I mainly get them from trades and shows. I buy little for my PSU PC b/c i get alot in trading and at local shows.

My package to you will most likely contain…:For my psu PC i like quality. Dont get me wrong i have no problem with base and numbered cards but a nice college patch or auto is the best.

Best item in your college collection: The best item in my PSU PC. Well is actually still on the way it is also a part of my Dolphins pc will update when i get it.
Right now would be Jared Odrick 2010 Topps Chrome Super fractor 1/1

A link to your collection, so we can all drool:

Just to be helpful for those who are looking for players from Penn State, I found this Wiki page. It’s a list of all the PSU players who have played in the NFL/ CFL and other football leagues.


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