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College Team Trading Group COLLECTOR PROFILE - 11chaos (Virginia Cavaliers - UVA)

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SCF name: 11chaos
Current Location: Virginia Beach, VA

College Team: UVA Cavaliers

List of my favorite players:
- Herman Moore
- Matt Schaub
- Heath Miller
- Bill "Bullet" Dudley
- Ronde Barber
- Tiki Barber
- Chris Long
- D'Brickashaw Ferguson
- Jason Snelling
- Jamie Farrior

I definitely prefer players to be in their COLLEGE uniform. While I certainly still love ANY card of ANY Cavaliers, the focus of my collection and the majority of purchases I make are of them in their UVA uniform.

I’m good with Press Pass and SAGE, and if they have a card made and they played Football for the University of Viginia, I’ll take it!

I acquire my card from a mixture of places, it's from my past rips and my local LCS. I don’t rip a whole lot, as I am a married man on a budget.

My package to you will most likely contain: Stuff I can find for you and yes, I try to keep it to stuff you don't have. I prefer to send quality over quantity. I would rather send someone a mixture of GU/autos, serial numbered stuff, and Rookies from the years, I mean who really wants 50 to 60 base cards.

Best item in your college collection: Without a doubt, that would have to be my Autographed Mini-Helmet autographed by Heath Miller and it's on my Fav NFL team's helmet.

A link to your collection, so we can all drool: (still under construction)

Just to be helpful for those who are looking for players from UVA, I am providing this one;

My Herman Moore collection

At a quick glance, I can see that it is missing Ras-I Dowling and Cameron Jordan

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  1. jrlebert's Avatar
    Thanks! Love it!
  2. alhill37's Avatar
    Interesting Entry, and hope everything is well in VA Beach.
  3. 11chaos's Avatar
    We fared better than a lot of people.