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College Team Trading Group COLLECTOR PROFILE - jaybird_1981 (Tennessee Volunteers)

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Real first name / SCF name: Jason / jaybird_1981
Current Location: Clarksville, TN
Profession: Software Engineer

College Team: Tennessee Volunteers

Please list your favorite players from that team (up to 10):
- Robert Meachem
- Peyton Manning
- Montario Hardesty
- Jason Allen
- Reggie White
- Bill Bates
- Justin Harrell
- Andy Kelly
- Jamal Lewis
- Travis Stephens

Do you prefer cards of players in their college uniform, pro uniform, or both? I collect any card of the player but some of my favorites are college uni cards.

Are there any players or sets that you simply would not want? Nope I collect everything with my players on it.

How do you acquire your cards you trade to others? I only trade on SCF but I do pick up stuff on Ebay and occasionally locally at trade day.

My package to you will most likely contain…: I always try to include 3-4 autographs and a couple game used along with whatever inserts,rookies, & base I have of that school.

Best item in your college collection: I like my stadium seats from the renovation of Thompson Bowling Arena.

A link to your collection, so we can all drool:

A link to some players that played at the University of Tennessee:

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  1. jrlebert's Avatar
    Awesome Jason. Thanks!
  2. Rudickulous's Avatar
    If you're looking for Montario Hardesty cards, I have a rookie that I'm trying to trade.

    Shortprint #999