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Growing up to the new age of card collecting.

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So, as I have gotten back into collecting, I have noticed that more and more GU, EU, RU, auto, numbered, and other sorts of cards have appeared. This got me excited to start collecting again. But as card collecting evolved so did the internet. It brought us things like Ebay, Craigslist, this forum, and other new and exciting websites (get your minds out of the gutters guys). But with sites like Ebay and Craigslist the value of all cards were shot down when it came time to sell them. Beckett still holds value in these cards but that is now only good for trading. What I have learned though is what true value is. The true value of one card differs from person to person. They may think that a card that you think is junk is pure gold. For example, have you ever given a child a card from your collection to help them start their own? It is priceless! I did this for my son and simply put, I show him the cards that I have in my collection and tell him that it is our collection now. As he gets older, he will start his own and I will be there to help him. The older generation of card collectors, like any veteran of a company, have a hard time accepting that BV is trumped by SV when it comes to online auctions anymore. I have a guy that wanted me to try and help him sell his cards on here a few years back. This is how I learned that things have changed in card collecting. He used to own a card store and knew all about BV and how to know what cards were mint or near mint. He doesn't understand the meaning of SV since he is an older collector. He is in his 60's now and can't wrap his mind around how cards can't go for their BV anymore. This forum has helped me to understand that and adapt my collecting around this. My personal collection is small but to me, it is awesome! I love collecting no matter how much I spend. Some cards are harder to let go but when it comes to getting that card you really want, learn to let go and enjoy collecting.


  1. krunchtyme's Avatar
    You are SOOOOOO right. My son likes to look at the BV, but I keep telling him, it is only worth what someone will pay. Back when I was a kid, you only had a few local card stores, now with on-line businesses everywhere (including my own website lol) you can get a better reality check of what something is actually worth! Something is only worth, what you are willing to pay for it for YOUR collection!

    I don't like paying $100 + for some card. (Not that I won't, I just don't like it!) Especially when I can get hundreds of Cowboy cards I don't have for dirt cheap or even better in trade for Seahawks, Browns, the hated Giants, Redskins and Eagles! But I don't collect, or even sell/trade for the money. I sell to get money to spend it on cards. :) Since I am only collecting Dallas Cowboys and specific players now instead of sets like in the past (70's, 80's and early 90's). I like collecting better now in some ways, one being that it has become more personal and like you point out, some of my best cards are not the most expensive, but the ones that are cool to me.
  2. mlbfan85's Avatar
    i agree i am not in it for the money. I mainly just like breaking the packs it makes me feel 10 years old again. i trade most of what i get away to people who want and or need it but even tests hard because i do all low end stuff like score and tops low end 2 bucks a pack stuff most people don't want this stuff for some reason. but i enjoy it and am trying to pass it onto my kids

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