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National Championship Massacre & News

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Hey guys, after watching the game last night, I was in awe at how good Eddie Lacy & TJ Yeldon were and are. Pretty much got [COLOR=#008000][U][B]at least[/B][/U][/COLOR] 5 yards per rush, which is crazy considering the team they were playng. Anyways, hope Lacy enjoys a good NFL career, as he is rumoured now going as early as the 1st round to the [COLOR=#0000CD]Colts[/COLOR]. Yeldon is already an absolute beast and could be a Heisman canidate in the upcoming years...

Back to the card world, I'm still looking for some autos of [COLOR=#FF0000]Alfred Morris. [/COLOR]Please lmk or checkout my bucket if I have anything you like. Excuse me now, as I have to go to practice in the pouring rain...Stay tuned to my daily blog though!