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Brett Farve 1995 Fleer Metal ERROR??????? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!

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I found a 1995 Fleer Metal Brett Favre base card #70 that is the exact same as all the others except the back. Where the stats are there is one highlighted, his TD'S. Mine has "YDS" instead of the normal "TD's". I have searched but can only find the normal one..............Does anyone out there know what is up w/ this?? Is it rare, a common thing for the set (Like the 1990 & 1991 Pro-Set Football Cards) or a one-of-a-kind? I have never seen one before & looking through my set I didn't see any other's that were different. ANY INFORMATION ON IT WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!!!! THANKS ALL!!


  1. Aknot's Avatar
    Can you provide a scan?