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Great find at tuesday morning!!

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I was over at a Tuesday morning store near me and I was just looking around then all of the sudden I thought Baseball cards!

I asked a worker if they had any and he said we might look over near the outdoor/sports stuff. I got over there and what did I find? I got 2 2012 topps baseball series 1 blaster packs for $9.99 each then I got 2 2012 topps baseball series 2 blaster packs for the same price! they also had 1 2013 topps blaster pack $12.99 . And the real surprise of the day! Allen and Ginter 2011 jumbo pack $3.99!!!! So I got three of them.

I would have never thought that a place like that would have cheap baseball cards. So the tip of the day is: wherever you go ask if they sell baseball cards.