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Vince McMahon will never learn, and that hurts us all

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How do I know you're not sick?/You could be some deranged lunatic!
---Will Smith, aka the Fresh Prince, 1987.

The above line best describes WWE Chairman/CEO Vince McMahon, who will turn 68 next month. Over the last 11 years, McMahon has made a number of questionable decisions that under different circumstances would've torpedoed his corporate empire, but yet, it marches on, ever so slowly.

For the 2nd time in 3 years, McMahon is ignoring his creative team as it relates to one of the stalest personalities on the roster, one Vickie Guerrero. Consider:

February 2011: Guerrero is "fired" from Smackdown for usurping Teddy Long's 2nd tour of duty as GM so she could have the job for herself as a means of gaining leverage in her feud with storyline ex-husband Edge (Adam Copeland). 10 days later, Guerrero, along with Dolph Ziggler, returns to Raw, hired by its then-anonymous GM. Don't go thinking that Hornswoggle was the GM the whole time. He was the punch line as a means of keeping the true ID of the GM buried forever when he was "revealed" a year later.

What should've been done: Vickie should've been kept off TV for at least 1-3 months before "applying for reinstatement". This development should be included in the current angle.

July 8 2013: Vickie is "fired" by Stephanie McMahon as managing supervisor of Raw, though Steph foreshadows pending plot twists by acknowledging her father will rehire Vickie soon enough.

July 19: Vickie is installed as Smackdown GM once more, this time usurping Long & Booker T, who were about to feud. In the wake of the George Zimmerman acquittal 6 days earlier, this was bad timing. After Vickie had shown up at Smackdown the previous week, and was ejected, she was used as an analyst for the PPV Pre-show. Go figure.

What should've been done: Again, Vickie should've been given a vacation and freshened with a new gimmick, but Vince being Vince, and being senile, won't let her off TV. She got 4 months' summer vacation in 2009, then was brought back, but right now, she's a pawn in the latest McMahon family civil war, playing out on both shows.

What has to be done: Stephanie & Triple H should be able to step up to the plate, shall we say, and enforce Vickie's dismissal from 7/8, and say that it applies across the board. If Vince has a problem, well, they can expose that he's had a secret affair with Vickie the whole time, and keeps her on the payroll just to spite the fanbase and his family, who clearly don't like her at all. It's all leading to an inevitable match between McMahon, who shouldn't be fighting anymore, and HHH, who turns 44 next Monday, likely at Wrestlemania 30. And we all know Vince will lose that night, since he NEVER wins at Wrestlemania.

You know Vince lies when he says he listens to the fans. It's clear that he doesn't, else he'd have done the right thing for business 4 years ago by moving Guerrero to a PR position in the Latino community. That position can still be created, because Vickie's usefulness to the company as a heel character is now non-existent. She's beyond stale. All McMahon cares about is the heat Vickie generates, and he thinks that is enough to keep her around. No, it isn't. Part of being in the business is having certain qualities that have redeeming value. Unfortunately, for Vickie Guerrero, her redeeming value expired with S & H Green Stamps.

And, then, there is Brad Maddox, wrestler-turned-executive. It's obvious to the fans and wrestlers that Maddox is a McMahon puppet GM, easily cowed into doing what the insane chairman wants. To end that, Maddox needs to have his character grow a spine and "a set", if you will, and fast. If it can facilitate the final storyline that sends Vince into retirement, once and for all, more power to them. However, McMahon will not go away, and he won't take his puppets with him. That hurts us all.


  1. gps29070's Avatar
    Disagree. Vickie is much more over with the fans then Teddy Long is or Booker-T in a GM role position. I don't mind Maddox in his role, they finally got a GM that can sell an -kicking in the ring. What I don't like is how Cena is just able to over-run Maddox during their promos. Maddox should telling Cena, "if you interrupt me again, I'll strip your title".

    I'm not a fan of this McMahon thing on TV right now, just coming over as flat right now.

    They also realize Daniel Bryan is over right now and over big. While Bryan deserves most of the credit, Glen Jacobs (Kane) did a great role in helping put him in that position. I do think though, long term, Daniel Bryan is not the future of the WWE at the #1 spot.

    Enjoyed reading this blog, thanks.
  2. hobbyfan's Avatar
    If by "over" you mean in terms of Vickie generating heat, I would agree. However, I maintain the act is stale. Vickie's played the same one-note, one-trick pony for nearly six years and could stand an image makeover.

    The problem with Maddox is obvious. I think people already can see he's going to be a short-term GM as well (he should be wrestling or going back to NXT for more seasoning), and I think Uncreative can see that, hence Triple H suspecting that poor Brad is a puppet for Vince. They really do need to get the deranged old man out once and for all, and let the company move forward.
  3. detroittigerfan76's Avatar
    the whole mcmahon family needs to stay off tv it bores me to tears when they waste so much time on themselves
  4. hobbyfan's Avatar
    Unfortunately, until Vince finally gets a clue and retires, he'll keep playing this card if he thinks it helps the ratings.

    I think if Stephanie focuses on the women, and swaps out the butterfly shaped Divas belt that Vickie Guerrero introduced 5 years ago, in exchange for reviving the women's title, that would help things on that end. All they really need is to get Shane off the golf course and back in the corporate fold.
  5. oasis's Avatar
    its a soap opera for males, please try to remember that. Great writeup by the way, but I cant help thinking that Vince has a master plan involving Ms Cougar.

    The whole creative team ignoring though. I don't think so, I think it was their idea. Maybe a Vince and ms guerrero sexting scandal?
  6. hobbyfan's Avatar
    Sexting? No, I don't think so. An old fashioned secret mistress angle would make the most sense. How else to explain Vickie getting chance after chance as GM, even though she has the charisma of moldy bread?

    I don't think of wrestling as soap opera largely because I came into it well before Vince turned it into gross theatre of the absurd. By the way, I prefer to refer to Vickie as anything but a cougar because as presently constituted, she's a walking insult. To cougars, both the 2-&-4-legged varieties. I see her as a troll. Of course, I see Paul Heyman in the same light, so maybe those two could get together.......
  7. Taliasen's Avatar
    I still think Vickie has WWE and the McMahon family over a barrel. She basically has an ironclad contract for as long as she wants. She was awarded the deal in the wrongful death suit of her late husband.
  8. hobbyfan's Avatar
    Wrongful death suit? Eddie Guerrero? First of all, Taliasen, where did you read/hear about that? Eddie's been gone nearly 8 years now, and nowhere have I read of a wrongful death suit. Yes, Owen Hart's widow filed one years ago, or some kind of litigation, but all I know is Vickie assumed her husband's contract after his passing, so the story goes, but she'd become more of an annoying presence, lacking her husband's charm & charisma, after getting her own deal.

    Need more information.
  9. 10braves's Avatar
    I, for one am completely tired of seeing Vickie and hearing her "excuse me" line..It would be great it they left her off TV for 5 or 6 months and then come back..

    I like Booker T as Raw GM and Teddy Long as Smackdown GM..
  10. hobbyfan's Avatar
    I'd flip that around and have Teddy take over Raw from dumb-as-a-doorstop Brad Maddox, but that's just me.

    Instead of 5-6 months, I'd take Vickie off TV permanently and reassign her within the company as a PR liason for the Latino community. She'd be perfect for that role, because she no longer has to be an exaggerated, annoying character.

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