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What do you think real or fake?

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What do you guys think of this Datsyuk/Perry auto? I know this seller is already selling some fishy stuff.


  1. Hobbybox604's Avatar
    First of all $170 is waaaay to high!! Second,he doesnt say what COA,if its his own i would pass! And finally,that Perry auto is nothin like all his other autos ive seen!! I would stay away,tc
  2. indians1948's Avatar
    I thought so too. I just wanted to double check since I am new to collecting hockey autographs.. Maybe Perry was drunk when he signed it? Haha
  3. 14smoke2x's Avatar
    Clearly fake.
  4. demonhunter69's Avatar
    If you look at the signatures, the pressure points and stroke width are the same. I have done some forensic signature work and collected autographs for over 37 years. My opinion is this guy is a forger.