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Collecting Yastrzemski - July, 2013

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Well, this month certainly had more than it's fair share of ups & downs! It started off on a good note, as Michael started his career with the Aberdeen Ironbirds. In his first 29 games, he is batting .337, with 2 HR, 12 RBI & 4 SB.

It continued to improve when I made a quick trade here for a 2002 Topps Tribute Yastrzemski Memorable Materials game used card & it got even better when I got an incredible deal on an autographed Boston Globe newspaper of Carl!

The second week started off great with another trade, this time for a 2009 Sweet Spot Carl Yastrzemski / Fergie Jenkins dual game used card & an even sweeter deal on an autographed photo of Carl from his final game at Fenway!

By the third week it started to go down hill, as I hadn't received the autographed newspaper & had to file a report with eBay. I also had learned that a good friend of mine, spuds1961, had to back out of attending the Nationals this year in Chicago due to health reasons.

Because of his backing out, I had a couple more Cubs tickets that were going to go unused. I already had mine when I had to back out due to a lack of funds. When I brought this up to my wife, she immediately said that we should make a trip up to attend the game since the money had already been spent. So, I did some figuring, & it was feasible to at least attend the game. Then she brought up about how we should just try & attend the National for at least one day & make a mini vacation out of it. Well...this took some doing, but I called in some favors & even though I won't have much money at all for the show, we'll still be able to attend. So this brought my spirits up some, but I still wish that spuds1961 would've been healthy enough to attend.

This brings us to the final week of the month & still no autographed newspaper or word from the seller, so I finally had to request a refund. Low & behold, I almost immediately hear back from the seller on how they will issue me a refund. Like they had a choice? I'm pretty sure that between eBay & Paypal that I would've gotten my money back. I did win one more auction, this time for a 2013 Aberdeen Ironbirds Choice team set with Michael.

Finally, yesterday I got a visit from BSEBALLCOMMISH75 & LoQtus while they were on there way to Chicago for the National. They brought me a nice little stack of Yastrzemski cards & we got to discuss our gameplan a little bit on how we were going to tackle the National & the Cubs game. I seriously can't wait!

Special Thanks go out to the following for helping me add to my PC this month:

abide - 2002 Topps Tribute Carl Yastrzemski Memorable Materials #CY & 2009 Sweet Spot Carl Yastrzemski / Fergie Jenkins dual #YJ
BSEBALLCOMMISH75 & LoQtus - 2012 Panini Prizm #138 Carl Yastrzemski , 2012 Panini Golden Age Broadleaf Brown Ink #85 Carl Yastrzemski & 2009 Upper Deck 20th Anniversary #18 Carl Yastrzemski

SuperCollector status: Carl - 13.1%, Mike - 66.7%, Michael - 100%

Well, that's it for this month!

Take care,