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What's wrong with underdogs in wrestling?

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Lost in all the controversy in WWE surrounding the end of Summerslam on Sunday is the fact that Vince McMahon, showing once again how out of touch he is with his audience, essentially copied what TNA had done 3 nights earlier.

In case you missed Impact, and you probably did, TNA had their own underdog story come to an abrupt end. Chris Sabin, formerly 1/2 of the Motor City Machine Guns, had reached the top of the mountain after being sidelined for most of the last two years due to ACL surgeries, but dropped the title back to Bully Ray (the former Bubba Ray Dudley) in a cage match.

Why? Because TNA's equally inept management apparently wants the Bully to be the champion heading into their major PPV, Bound For Glory, in October in San Diego. Bully and the NWO-ripoff gang he fronts, Aces & Eights, are already stale more than a year in, and yet, TNA, thanks to Eric Bischoff behind the scenes, won't consider breaking up this gang of retreads and never-weres. Their ratings aren't exactly going sky-high, and adding a faded MMA star, Tito Ortiz, to the mix, isn't helping. Yes, he has a PPV fight vs. Quinton "Rampage" Jackson for Bellator on 11/2, but why put him in with Aces & Eights? Because TNA is kow-towing to Spike TV, which wants crossovers between TNA & Bellator. The latter promotion moved from step-sister network MTV2 a few months back, and needs ratings help.

Now, let's consider WWE. Randy Orton didn't need the Money in the Bank in the first place, but turning him heel now was a gigantic mistake, considering that the company has two of their top faces, Sheamus & John Cena, on the DL, gone until February at the latest. Kane is presumably away making the sequel to "See No Evil", so he'd be back first, but he was tied up with the Wyatt Family at Summerslam.

As usual, Vince went about it all wrong, and should've considered factors like I described above. Daniel Bryan, now pushed into the top babyface slot previously occupied by Cena, needs backup to deal with the revamped McCorporation. Shouldn't be that way. What they should've done is leave Triple H & Stephanie as faces, fighting to gain control of the company from the tyrannical fossil who's so out of touch with reality, he once told Jeremy Schaap of ESPN he'd "never die". Orton as champion now seems so hollow, and the reason is the prematurely senile McMahon, who turns 68 on Saturday. He doesn't want anyone to perceive him as being weak, which explains why he won't allow a storyline revealing he's got a bigger stake in the continuing mistake that is Vickie Guerrero as an authority figure.

That, though, must change. I've harped on this enough times, but it needs be repeated again. In order for WWE to move forward in the 21st Century, Vince McMahon must retire and let Stephanie & HHH take charge. Son Shane got tired of waiting, and left, and the last I knew, he was seen on the PGA tour. Vince McMahon has to know he's the biggest cancer in wrestling today, and he doesn't care.

TNA, we can expect, will correct their problems, at least for the short-term, in two months. WWE? Fuhgeddaboutit. They may want us to wait until April, and that's too long a wait. The time for change is now.


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